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Matthew K. Nock, Ph.D.

Lab Staff
Julia Harris


Post-Doctoral Fellow
Catherine (Cassie) Glenn, Ph.D.
Joseph Franklin, Ph.D
Evan Kleiman, Ph.D
Jessica Ribeiro, Ph.D

Graduate Students
Christine Cha, A.M.
Charlene Deming, Ed.M.
Bethany Michel, A.M.
Alex Millner, A. M.
Adam Jaroszewski

Research Assistants
Matthew J. Nock
Maya J. Nock

Lab Alumni


Matthew K. Nock, Ph.D.

Position: Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology, Harvard University

Faculty Affiliate, Member of the Steering Committee
Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University



Nock awarded Roslyn Abramson Teaching Award
Nock awarded Petra Shattuck Teaching Award
Nock awarded Lawrence H. Cohen Outstanding Mentor Award

Self-Destructive Behaviors (Psych 1853)
Developmental Psychopathology (Psych 1861)
Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (Psych 1900)
Cultural and Individual Diversity (Psych 2430)
Psychological Treatment Research (Psych 2445)
Laboratory for Clinical and Developmental Research (Psych 2461r)
Research Seminar in Clinical Science (Psych 3200)
Research Seminar in Developmental Psychopathology (Psych 3400)


Harvard University
William James Hall, 1220
33 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: (617) 496-4484
Fax: (617) 496-9462


Postdoctoral Fellows

Catherine (Cassie) Glenn, Ph.D.
Cassie's research uses a multimodal approach to understand the course of and risk factors for suicidal and nonsuicidal self-injurious behaviors in adolescents and young adults. Her current research focuses on identifying objective (behavioral and psychophysiological) predictors of suicidal behavior in adolescents. 
Email: catherineglenn@fas.harvard.edu
Phone: (617) 496-8563

Curriculum Vitae


Joseph Franklin, Ph.D.
Joe's research employs experimental designs and laboratory methods to: (1) identify the mechanisms that contribute to the development/maintenance of self-injury, and (2) establish novel treatments that counteract these mechanisms.
Email: josephfranklin@fas.harvard.edu
Phone: (617) 496-8563

Curriculum Vitae


Evan Kleiman, Ph.D.
Evan's research focuses on identifying inter- and intrapersonal risk and resilience factors for suicide. This includes constructs such as attributional style, gratitude, and social support. His research also focuses on stress generation and the integration of theoretical models of suicide.
Email: ekleiman@fas.harvard.edu
Phone: (617) 496-8563

Curriculum Vitae

Jessica Ribeiro, Ph.D.
Jessica's research focuses on identifying the factors that facilitate suicidal behavior both acutely and distally as well as what differentiates individuals who desire suicide from those who engage in suicidal behavior. Her current research focuses on clarifying the nature and role of acute states of heightened arousal during periods of acute suicide risk.
Email: ribeiro@fas.harvard.edu
Phone: (617) 496-8503

Curriculum Vitae




Lab Staff

Julia Harris, Research Assistant
Phone: (617) 495-3893

Graduate Students

Christine Cha, A.M.
Christine focuses on cognitive processes underlying suicide risk. She explores the intersection between cognitive and clinical psychological science to enhance understanding of how suicidal people think, and to practically inform prediction and prevention techniques. 
Email: ccha@wjh.harvard.edu

Curriculum Vitae


Charlene Deming, Ed.M.
Charlene's research centers on the study of suicide and related behaviors, with a special focus on older adults.

Curriculum Vitae

Bethany Michel, A.M.
Bethany's research examines pain perception (e.g., pain threshold, pain tolerance) among people engaging in self-injurious behaviors, and most recently on the influence of beliefs about emotion on childhood depression.
E-mail: bmichel@fas.harvard.edu


Alex Millner, A.M.
Alex's research is focused on the classification of suicidal behaviors and on the role of impulsiveness in the onset and development of suicidal behaviors.
Adam Jaroszewski
Adam's research interests focus on suicide and decision making.

Research Assistants

Matthew J. Nock
Matthew's work is focused on the development of fine motor skills, verbal fluency, and affective and behavioral control.
E-mail: nock@fas.harvard.edu
Maya J. Nock
Maya is focused on improving her reality testing, impulse control and interpersonal effectiveness.

Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows

Jeremy Jamieson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Rochester

Ph.D. Students

Irene Belle Skowronek, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Laura Phillips, PhD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School

Valerie Photos, PhD, McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Michelle Wedig, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School)

Kristen Woodberry, PhD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School

Research Assistants

Mark Knepley, Graduate Student (Temple University)

Adam Jaroszewski, Graduate student (Harvard University)

Sara Slama, Graduate student (University of California, Berkeley)

Tara Deliberto, Graduate student (Hofstra University)

Halina Dour, Graduate student (UCLA)

Charlene Deming, Graduate student (Harvard University)

Julie Edmunds, Graduate student (Temple University)

Caitlin Ferriter, Graduate student (UCLA)

Kaitlin Gallo, Graduate student (Boston University)

Jeff Glenn, Graduate student (University of Virginia)

Juile Gold, Research coordinator (NIMH)

Lucy Grayson, Research assistant (Columbia University)

Robin Hertzbach, Graduate student (LaSalle University)

Elizabeth Holmberg, Graduate student (Duke University)

Janet Kwok, Graduate Student (Harvard University)

Carrie Schroyer, Medical student (University of Utah)

Romi (Teper) Ran, Graduate Student (University of Oxford)

Matthew Wallenstein, Medical student (Columbia University)

Max Warren, Law student (Georgetown)

Courtney Weiner, Graduate student (Boston University)

Ashley Witt, Graduate student (Drexel University)

Tish MacDonald Wer, Graduate student (University of Denver)

Matthew Young, Medical student (Harvard Medical School)

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