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Selected Publications

McGugin, R. W., McKeeff, T. J., Tong, F., & Gauthier, I. (2011). Irrelevant objects of expertise compete with faces during visual search. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 73(2), 309-317. (click here)

McKeeff, T. J., McGugin, R. W., & Tong, F., & Gauthier, I. (2010). Expertise increases the functional overlap between face and object perception. Cognition, 117(3), 355-360. (click here)

McKeeff, T. J., Remus, D. A., & Tong, F. (2007). Temporal limitations in object processing across the human ventral visual pathway. Journal of Neurophysiology, 98, 382-393. (click here)

McKeeff, T. J., & Tong, F. (2007). The timing of perceptual decisions for ambiguous face stimuli in the human ventral visual cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 17(3), 669-678. (click here)

Behrmann, M., Marotta, J. J., Gauthier, I., Tarr, M., & McKeeff, T. J. (2005). Behavioral change and its neural correlates in prosopagnosia after expertise training. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 17(4), 554-568. (click here)

McKeeff, T. J., & Behrmann, M. (2004). Pure alexia and covert reading: Evidence from Stroop tasks. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 21(2/3/4), 443-458. (click here)


Marotta, J. J., McKeeff, T. J., & Behrmann, M. (2003). Hemispatial neglect: its effects on visual perception and visually guided grasping. Neuropsychologia, 41(9), 1262-1271. (click here)

Behrmann, M., Black, S. E., McKeeff, T. J., & Barton, J. J. S. (2002). Oculographic analysis of word reading in hemispatial neglect. Physiology and Behavior, 77, 613-619. (click here)

Marotta, J. J., McKeeff, T. J., & Behrmann, M. (2002). The effects of rotation and inversion on face processing in prosopagnosia. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 19(1), 31-47. (click here)


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