Lauren R. Moo, M.D.


Assistant Professor

Department of Neurology

Massachusetts General Hospital                                    

55 Fruit Street, CPZS Suite 340

Boston, MA 02114

Phone: 617-726-2072

Fax: 617-724-7836


Curriculum Vitae                                                



Department of Psychology

Harvard  University

William James Hall, 9th Floor

33 Kirkland Street 

Cambridge, MA 02138 



Research Interests:

My research is within cognitive neuroscience, with a focus on understanding the neural underpinnings of language and other cognitive functions.  I am particularly interested in exploring the adaptability of brain-behavior mapping in the setting of neurologic diseases such as epilepsy and stroke through a combination of functional MRI and neurocognitive testing.  My teaching has been not only within my specialty of cognitive neurology, but has always reflected my commitment to teaching general neurology and to medical education more broadly.  My clinical work is directly related to my research interests such that between my two clinics, I spend my time evaluating patients with cognitive/behavioral issues related to a variety of neurologic disorders including epilepsy, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.


My research program is currently supported by two grants from the NIDCD:

2002-2009    Principal Investigator, Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Award (K23), NIDCD (DC005068), "Plasticity of Language Cortex in Response to Chronic Brain Lesions"            


2005-2010    Co-Investigator, NIDCD (R01 DC006842), “Cortical Organization of Noun and Verb Processing” PI: Alfonso Caramazza; Other Co-PI: Alvaro Pascual-Leone


In addition to the above projects, I am also investigating of the role of the left versus right temporal lobe in item versus source memory using a combination of behavioral and fMRI tasks in healthy controls and patients with temporal lobe epilepsy, I am a Co-PI on a clinical trial of memantine in epilepsy patients with memory complaints, and I am a co-Investigator setting up and exploring a database examining factors influencing cognition in patients with epilepsy.



Clinical Activities:

Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital

In this clinic I see patients with various cognitive complaints including post-stoke deficits, head trauma, attentional disorders, epilepsy, and a variety of focal and less common dementia syndromes.  I currently see approximately 6 patients per month in this setting.


Epilepsy at Massachusetts General Hospital

As part of the MGH Epilepsy Group, I see patients with new-onset seizures, patients being considered for epilepsy surgery, and patients with cognitive issues related to their epilepsy or epilepsy treatment.  I am also involved in the design and administration of Wada tests for patients under consideration for epilepsy surgery. I currently see approximately 8 patients per month in this setting.


Neurology Inpatient Consultation Service at Massachusetts General Hospital

I spend approximately 4 weeks per year as the attending on the inpatient consult service during which I directly supervise one PGY-4 neurology resident and generally one rotating PGY-2 medical resident and one or two PGY-4 medical students.



Representative Publications:

Moo, L.R., Murphy, K.J., Gailloud, P., Tesoro, M.A., & Hart, J.  Tailored Neuropsychological Testing with Provocative Amobarbital Injection Preceding AVM Embolization. American Journal of Neuroradiology 2002; 23: 416-421.


Moo, L.R., Slotnick, S.D., Krauss, G., & Hart, J.  A Prospective Study of Motor Recovery Following Multiple Subpial Transections. Neuroreport 2002; 13: 665-669.


Kraut, M.A., Moo, L.R., Segal, J.B., & Hart, J.  Neural Activation During an Explicit Categorization Task: Category- or Feature-Specific Effects? Cognitive Brain Research 2002; 13: 213-220.


Slotnick, S.D., Moo, L.R., Kraut, M.A., Lesser, R.P., & Hart, J.  Interactions between thalamic and cortical rhythms during semantic memory recall in human. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2002; 99: 6440-6443.


Moo, L.R., Slotnick, S.D., Tesoro, M.A., Zee, D.S., & Hart, J. Interlocking-Finger Test: A bedside screen for parietal lobe dysfunction, Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry 2003; 74: 530-532.


Caplan, D. & Moo, L. Cognitive Conjunction and Cognitive Functions. Neuroimage 2004; 21:751-756.


Shapiro, K.A., Moo, L.R. & Caramazza, A. Cortical signatures of noun and verb production. Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences 2006; 103:1644-1649.


Slotnick, S.D. & Moo, L.R.  Prefrontal cortex hemispheric specialization for categorical and coordinate visual spatial memory. Neuropsychologia 2006; 44:1560-1568.


Moo, L.R., Emerton, B.C. & Slotnick, S.D. (in press). Functional MT+ lesion impairs contralateral motion processing. Cognitive Neuropsychology.


Note: many of the above manuscripts are copyrighted and some restrictions apply. They are posted here for personal and limited academic use only.