Web Page for General Inquirer Workshop Participants

Here are some of the datasets we have been using as zipped up folders to be downloaded and unzipped.
Note: these files are only for those who have participated in General Inquirer workshops.

Primary presidential candidates

Consumer protests

Regional protesting groups

Human rights protest


For some example ANOVA comparisons of the consumer protests using JMP, click here.

For analyzing Inquirer output, using the ANOVA format illustrated on our webpages and in our courses, we strongly recommend purchasing JMP-IN, a student version of JMP available from Duxbury division of Brooks Cole/Thomson Learning that sells for about $80 (Google "JMP IN" to track it down). The information produced by SPSS's and Excel's ANOVA is inferior to JMP's. It is also less straightforward to use with the nominal categories (from your file names) or grouping categories you develop on the spreadsheet.

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