h o m e
 t h e  l a b  
bethany burum, phd-

• is our experience changed when another person has the same one at the same time?

• when are we most and least kind to our future selves?

• does evidence of our transgressions make us more likely to deny them?

gus cooney-

• do we underestimate the social costs of extraordinary experiences?

• do we know that we should tell others what's old and not what's new?

• does fairness matter as much as we think it does?

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david levari-

• do we realize that the frequency of a signal changes how we define it?

• do we mistakenly go to the best performers for advice?

kyle dillon-

• do we realize that the advice we ask for is worse than the advice we don't?

neda kerimi,, phd-

• do we know when the company we keep is making us look bad?