Where are we??


We are located on the 8th floor of William James Hall, which is the home of the Departments of Psychology and Sociology and the Social Anthropology wing of the Department of Anthropology.


How to get here via car:

Driving from Memorial Drive (going West)
Take Memorial Drive, take a right (left if heading towards Boston) onto JFK street, following signs to Harvard University. JFK St. will put you on Mass Ave in front of Out-of-Town-News and the T station.

On Mass Ave, get over to the right lane and at the fork in the road, stay to the right, following the sign to Kirkland Street. After the split, get in the left lane and take your first left turn onto Quincy Street. Go 1 block until Quincy Street forms a T intersection with Kirkland Street. Take a right on Kirkland and an immediate left onto Divinity Avenue. Take the first right into the parking lot, and park, paying close attention not to park at one of the faculty spaces. Place the enclosed parking pass on your dashboard before leaving your car. Enter into the 15 story white building (William James Hall) and take the elevator to the 8th floor. Go through the glass door where the sign reads "Cognitive Neuroscience Reception" and turn left to get to our offices.


How to get here via the T (Red line):

From the Harvard University T-stop
As you come out of the T-station you will be in front of Out-of-Town-News. Cross the road to the right (You will be ACROSS the street from the block containing Fleet Bank and CVS) and walk along the iron gates in the direction of Porter Square. Follow the brick sidewalk along the gates. The sidewalk will eventually curve to the right and you will see two big buildings in front of you. This is where we are located. Walk between the two large buildings (the Science Center is on your left, and Memorial Hall is on your right). In between these two buildings you should see a fifteen-story white building. When you reach the intersection, Kirkland St. is the street that goes to the right. Walk down the left side of Kirkland St. until you reach a large white building. The address is 33 Kirkland St. and the building's name is William James Hall. Take the elevator up to the 8th floor. When you get out of the elevator, go through the glass door where the sign reads "Cognitive Neuroscience Reception" and turn left to get to our offices.


If you need other directions, here are a few resources to help: