William James Hall Computer Services

Helpdesk Information

Located on the 13th floor, the WJH Computer Services Helpdesk is here to serve your needs. You can reach the Helpdesk by calling (617)495-3811, emailing us at help@wjh.harvard.edu, or simply stopping by. The WJH Helpdesk is open Monday through Friday as follows:

Helpdesk Hours
(Sept - May)
Monday: 9AM - 6PM
Tuesday 10AM - 6PM
Wednesday 10AM - 6PM
Thursday 10AM - 6PM
Friday 9AM - 1PM

If the Helpdesk is closed, or nobody is currently available, you should contact the FASCS Helpdesk at (617) 496-2727 for immediate service. You can also email the Helpdesk you query at help@wjh.harvard.edu.

What the Helpdesk has to offer

The helpdesk will be more than happy to assist you in the following: