William James Hall Computer Services

Connecting to the William James Network

Before you connect a computer to the Harvard network for the first time, you must register it. Registration is fast, simple, and provides us the necessary information to contact you should a problem arise with your computer, such as a virus. If you computer is currently registered elsewhere on the Harvard network, your registration should automatically carry over to William James.

Wired (Ethernet) Connections:

For all machines, including devices such as printers, to be registered, please fill out the following form and bring it to the WJH Helpdesk on the 13th floor. You may also email help@wjh.harvard.edu the information on the form and we will process your request electronically.

Click here to download the network connection request form. (Adobe PDF, 56kb)

Wireless Connections:

Wireless users should connect to the open network named "Harvard University". The first time you connect, you computer will begin an auto-registration process. If you cannot auto-register, or need assistance, please feel free to call, e-mail, or stop by the WJH Helpdesk on the 13th floor.