William James Hall Computer Services

Forwarding Your E-Mail

Occasionally you may want to have your email forwarded, so that mail sent to you at wjh will be redirected to another account you have. To do this, you need to know the correct email address of your other account. You can follow these steps to set up mail forwarding:
  1. Log in to wjh.
  2. At the wjh ~> prompt, type the following:
    pico .forward (Note that it is "dot forward." The dot is important.)
    You are now in a file editor called Pico, which should look familiar to you if you use Pine to read your mail.
  3. Type the complete e-mail address of the account to which you would like your mail forwarded:
  4. Hit Ctrl-x. You will be asked if you would like to save the file.
  5. Type y to save the file. You will then be asked to confirm the name of the file (which should be .forward).
  6. Hit return.
You're all set! The email forwarding should be effective immediately.