William James Hall Computer Services

Using E-Mail @ William James

William James Hall Computer Services operates WJH email, offering both POP & IMAP over secure (SSL) connections. For on-campus and VPN users, we also operate a SMTP server for sending mail. Users can use a variety of email clients, such as Outlook and Thunderbird, or can access their mail directly by logging into the UNIX system and running PINE.

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General E-Mail Settings

WJH Computer Services does continue to provide legacy POP-based access to your WJH e-mail account. However, we urge all WJH account holders to use the IMAP protocol to access your e-mail instead.

IMAP has ma1ny advantages over POP; central among these is the fact that IMAP stores your inbox, saved message, and sent mail folders in your WJH account. This way, you can access your e-mail via Pine, Thunderbird, or any other client and see the same view of your mail from any location. With POP, your mail is typically downloaded to a local computer system and you may not be able to see downloaded mail from other computers.

Incoming Server for IMAP Users: imap.wjh.harvard.edu, SSL Enabled, default port
Incoming Server for POP Users: pop.wjh.harvard.edu, SSL Enabled, default port

Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.wjh.harvard.edu, no SSL