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Step Seven: Submission

Submitting the thesis

Psychology theses are submitted twice: once electronically in pdf format, and later after the poster defense in hard copy. If you are uncertain how to prepare a final version of your thesis in pdf format, please contact Research consultant Danielle Truxaw.

You should send your thesis as a pdf attachment to the Psychology Undergraduate Office,, no later than 4pm on Thursday, March 12, 2015. You must email this to the UGO from an e-mail account that bears your name (not from a friend's account or from an account of yours that has an alias). Before submitting to psychology@ wjh, you might want to practice e-mailing your thesis to a roommate or other friend to make sure it comes through, so you are certain you will meet the deadline smoothly. The Undergraduate Office will e-mail you confirmation that it has received your thesis on the afternoon or evening of March 12th.

The Undergraduate Office will be responsible for e-mailing your thesis to your supervisor(s) and reader(s), along with instructions and grading forms; you should not do this yourself. The thesis you submit to the Undergraduate Office will form the entire basis for your written thesis grade. Missing material like pages, tables, or bibliographical references cannot be submitted to supervisors or readers without incurring late penalties.

The department observes the thesis deadline strictly. The only basis for exceptions are serious, documented situations, and in most cases the department should be notified of such a situation ahead of the deadline. Grades of late theses will be reduced one-third of a grade each three days after the deadline (for example, from summa to magna plus or from magna to magna minus.) Early submission of theses is permitted.

All students must also submit a hard copy of their thesis by April 30th, 2015, 4pm, WJH 218 for archiving purposes. This copy follows the formatting requirements for the PDF version, with the following exceptions:


You must adjust the left-hand margin to 1.5 inches; the extra half inch on the left is to accommodate binding, and you should remember to leave the space on the appropriate side if the paper is turned for tables or other special applications. The other margins should remain 1 inch.

The unbound Undergraduate Office copy must be a letter-quality "original" on acid-free bond paper of at least 20 lb. weight, 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size.

The thesis should be printed on one side of the page, double-spaced. DO NOT double-side the thesis; this is not suitable for archiving.

You will not be permitted to make changes to format or content (with the exception of fixing minor typos) on the hard copy. It must represent the original PDF submission.

Please also note that hard copies of theses submitted for prize consideration (e.g., Thomas Hoopes Prizes) will often need to accompany faculty nomination material, so you may need to provide your supervisor with print copies of your thesis.

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