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Step One: TopicStep Two: Committee and ApplicationStep Three: ProspectusStep Four: Research ApprovalStep Five: Research and Data Analysis
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Step Two: Committee and Application

Dropping your thesis

Each year, several students drop their thesis project. If made after consultation with one's thesis supervisor and with your Concentration Adviser (to discuss non-honors concentration requirements), this can sometimes be the right decision. If you do decide to drop your thesis at any point, you should promptly inform all members of your thesis committee and the Undergraduate Office, and should complete any necessary paperwork as appropriate (e.g., Registrar petitions to divide or drop Psychology 990/992/993). If you wish credit for the fall semester of Psychology 990, 992 or 993, you must complete the fall requirements (submission of application, prospectus, prospectus meeting evaluation form, and mid-year report (see /step5/midyear.html)

As you shift from a thesis track to a regular track, your first half of the senior tutorial (if you complete it satisfactorily) and Psychology 985 (if you took it last year) will count as concentration electives. Your overall concentration requirements will also shift; if you have any questions about completing the right number and type of concentration courses, be sure to check with your concentration adviser. Don't forget that lab limits may be different in the non-thesis tracks.

If you remain interested in your project, you may also want to consider alternate ways to continue your research.

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