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2014-2015 Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Psychology

Unless otherwise indicated, positions are on a volunteer basis, previous experience is not required, and you should apply by contacting the researcher. You may be able to receive course credit for work done in some of these positions; speak with your research supervisor about this option if you are interested. For additional descriptions of faculty research programs, click on each professor's link on the department faculty webpages.

Spring 2015 Research Postings:

For Spring 2015, we are experimenting with providing all the research opportunities labs want to post in a sortable, searchable Google Sheet, which you can access here:

Spring 2015 Research Opportunity Google Sheet

Opportunities will continue to be added, so check back often!


In Google Docs:

To navigate the sheet it may be helpful to sort by lab name or by research area (under Edit). You can also search for different keywords with the find command (under Data).

If you wish to download the sheet, you can:

1) Download to Excel or PDF by cliking the link above, then going to File, then Download As... and choose your file type.

2) Make a copy in your own Google Drive by logging into Google when you are viewing the sheet, then go to File, then Make a Copy...

Please be aware that if you download or copy the sheet, any new postings that come in after will not be included.